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You Are...

Passionate, a good collaborator, excited to be a part of a salon team, always open to learning and growing, wanting to be part of the J&CO community, not afraid of change, self motivated

we Are...

An employee based salon team, dedicated to our clients and community. Our success comes from working together and building each other up. We are always striving to learn and be better. We aspire to be a gathering place in our community, where people want to stop in and say "hi!". 


1. No excuses, no BS

2. Find solutions through growth and learning

3. Integrity above all

4. Take initiative

5. Driven to connect and engage with the community

6. Clients come FIRST

Are we your people? Fill out the application below and let's chat!

Please follow this up with an email including your resume and links to any professional web or social media prescence -

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